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A wedding day is one of the most important days in your life.
It is therefore understandable that you will want to look beautiful, fresh and elegant on this occasion.

With my skilful touch and the best make-up, I make sure you look gorgeous, and your hairstyle and make-up will remain beautiful throughout the day, so you will always feel good.

I approach every wedding as the most important, as every bride is unique and special and deserves the best wedding hairstyle and make-up. In my work, I use professional products that are of high quality, long-lasting, and tried and tested. I realize what an honour it is to be chosen to join you on your wonderful wedding day, and I never take it for granted.

I tailor the wedding hairstyle and make-up to your style and wishes, so that you comfortable and relaxed on your special day. For wedding hairstyles and make-up, it is important to me that I create a wedding look that radiates the natural beauty and elegance of the bride. On your wedding day, you can choose a minimalist and natural look or a more glamorous look. Maybe, you prefer something in between.

I provide hairstyling and make-up services on location. I am happy to travel to wherever your wedding takes place or where you will feel relaxed and comfortable. My work tools and brushes are always clean and disinfected and ready to travel. To avoid any anxiety, I am always on time. I am usually on location at least half an hour early, so that I enough time to prepare.

True love stories never have endings.




about 90 to 120 minutes
Hair preparation
(waves, curls, bun, braids, ...)
(classic, elegant, boho, ...)
Hair accessories
(hairpins, hair bands, crystals, ...)
Professional cosmetic products
(flowers, decorative clips and combs, tiara, ...)
Hair decorations are provided by the bride.


about 60 to 90 minutes
Skin preparation
(minimalistic, glamorous, etc.)
False eyelashes
(tufts / band)
Professional cosmetic products
AIRBRUSH make-up
⁃ Cover
⁃ Longevity: 12–18 hours
⁃ Minimal make-up application
⁃ Natural and fresh look


A trial hairstyle and make-up is recommended for every future bride.
At the trial hairstyling and make-up, we determine what you want, what are your style and habits, what suits your face, and what colour palette we will use. That way you will know exactly what to expect on your wedding day. I want my clients to always enjoy the hairstyling and make-up process, and think of the trial run as a mini pampering session.


Besides the bride, wedding guests also want to look and feel as good as possible.
I provide hairstyling and make-up services for bridesmaids, best man and maid of honour, sisters, mothers and for all wedding guests who also want to be radiant on the wedding day together with the bride, and to enjoy the wedding day and all dancing late into the night without any worries. Hairstyling and Make-up for additional persons needs to be booked in advance.


The bride and others (mother of the bride, best man and maid of honour, bridesmaids, wedding guests) must have freshly washed (washed the night before the wedding) and completely dry hair, without any hair products (oils, serums, etc.).
They should have no make-up applied, except a cream. Please inform your stylist about possible skin sensitivities, allergies or special requirements regarding your skin/hair, to ensure that your stylist can prepare.
I recommend visiting a beautician at least 14 days before the wedding. This is enough time for the skin to regenerate nicely after a deep cleansing. A good foundation is required for beautiful and natural make-up. And beautiful skin is the best foundation. The make-up will be more durable and the bride's glow will be more authentic.


The room should have plenty of natural light and air conditioning (it is very important that people do not sweat while make-up is applied). There should be enough space for two people to work, with a large table for all tools. It should also have one chair or, even better, one high make-up chair (bar stool) and one lower chair for hairstyling (ordinary chair). An electrical outlet is also required. If possible, a large mirror should be in the room. If a mirror can not be provided, the stylist must be notified in advance.


The estimated time for the bride's hairstyling and make-up is approximately 3 hours, or depending on the bride's wishes and the condition of her hair and skin. The estimated time for others (mother of the bride, best man and maid of honour, bridesmaids, wedding guests) is approximately 2 hours (1 hour hairstyling and 1 hour make-up).


The SOS kit, if you opt for it, includes mattifying sheet mask for refreshment, as well as lipstick or lip gloss. The SOS premium kit includes a stylist accompanying you on your wedding day and taking care of refreshing your styling, so that you look perfect at all times (wedding ceremony, photography, evening party, etc.).



* You can choose both.

* You can choose both.


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