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Because every day matters, because there are no unimportant meetings and people, let your hairstyle and make-up help you bring out that spark that will shine on you and everyone else around you, and help you leave your mark.

A wide selection of different options and experienced hands of the hairdresser and make-up artist can conjure up exactly what you want and need at that moment – from a relaxed and tidy daily look to a romantic look and bold style or provocative features.

Let your hairstyle and make-up reflect your outer and inner beauty.

Beauty is the illumination of your soul.


I provide fashion and classic services.
My services can be tailored to provide a natural, glamorous, artistic or avant-garde look.


Haircuts for men
Beard trimming and styling
Haircuts for children
Haircuts for women
Hair dyeing
(single colour, multilayer, balayage, ombre, ...)
(waves, curls, tassels, herringbone, ...)
(ponytail, fig, braid, chignon, ...)
Hair and scalp care
Permanent curling and straightening of hair
Hairstyling for photos
(portrait, fashion, commercial, ...)
Hairstyling for videos
(ads, videos, shows, films, ...)
Hairstyling for events and performances
(conferences, congresses, cultural, music,
dance, theatre, fashion events, ...)


Daily make-up
Evening make-up
(valedictory ball, graduation dance, red carpet, ...)
Business make-up
Wedding make-up
(bride, groom, best man and maid of honour,
bridesmaids, wedding guests, ...)
Individual make-up course
Advice for purchasing make-up
Make-up for photos
(portrait, fashion, commercial, ...)
Make-up for videos
(ads, videos, shows, films, ...)
Make-up for events and performances
(conferences, congresses, cultural, music,
dance, theatre, fashion events, ...)

Do you have a special request?
Do you require services not on the list?
Contact me and I will prepare an offer tailored to your wishes.

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